Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Toxin Free Initiative

With the latest report from the Breast Cancer Fund on breast cancer and its direct relationship with the environment and personal care products, the Pink Team strongly believes that advocating against breast cancer just one month out of the year (October) is not enough.  

Through a powerful initiative, Pink Horizons has made the commitment to Donate a Décolleté Serum to a breast cancer warrior for every Décolleté Serum that is purchased.  We encourage all of our Pink fans, friends, families, partners, and affiliates to join us in this mission and help us reach the goal of granting this wonderful toxin-free gift to as many warriors as possible, demonstrating that it is possible to live toxin free. We intensely believe that with your help, we can.

Learn more about our Décolleté Serum and the effective, toxin-free ingredients that nourish one of the most overlooked areas of a woman’s body. If you know someone struggling with the disease or happen to know a survivor, please let us know!