Saturday, August 18, 2012

How one organization is changing the way we see breast cancer

Breast Cancer Action (BCA), a national, grassroots education and advocacy organization located in San Francisco, California is effectively challenging the status quo of how the public views and understands the fight to end breast cancer.  "After years of encountering government agencies and organizations that provided inadequate and superficial information rather than scientific evidence about breast cancer", BCA took matters into their own hands.  
Through BCA's research, they have determined that there is a growing body of evidence indicating a strong connection between environmental factors and breast cancer. There are over 85,000 synthetic chemicals on the market today, from preservatives in cosmetics to pesticides on the fruits and vegetables in our supermarkets. American companies manufacture and use chemicals without ever establishing their safety in humans, and this is a result of the lack of U.S. government policy that has contributed significantly to the rise of breast cancer rates. Staying committed to reducing involuntary exposures to toxins in the environment that are linked with breast cancer is one of BCA's important goals.  
Through their Think Before You Pink campaign, they have demanded transparency and accountability in 'pink ribbon marketing' and offer the public systemic changes to end the epidemic. They do this using a 3 part strategy:
1. Advocating for more effective and less toxic breast cancer treatments. This means independence from pharmaceutical company funding.  
Despite the billions of dollars and decades spent on breast cancer research, we are far from a cure. The greatest tool we have in our fight against the disease is PREVENTION or the precautionary principle, which is the idea that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Pink Horizons has joined efforts with BCA to bring awareness to the southeast region of the United States on the importance of toxin-free living, while advocating against pink washing (companies that use pink ribbon marketing despite their use of dangerous, toxic chemicals in their products and services). Join us throughout the months of September and October as we begin our own company campaign, A Different Kind of Pink, and lend us your efforts in creating healthier lifestyles for our friends, families, and communities.  We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with BCA and encourage all of YOU to take the first step at spreading the valuable and necessary knowledge they offer us.  

If you would like to volunteer during a special screening of Pink Ribbons, Inc. in October, please email us at