Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The safest and most effective form of collagen

Many cosmetic companies still extract collagen from the dermal matrix of animals, a practice that is not only unnecessary, but also unethical and damaging to the natural ecosystems of our planet. A safe and far more effective alternative comes from extracting yeast derived polysaccharides. They contain the same effective moisture retentive properties as traditional animal derived sources, yet more important than this is the fact that carefully extracted polysaccharides amplify the moisture binding properties by maintaining the integrity of the glycosidic linkages, which are absent from all animal derived collagen. 

Pseudocollagen, the term given to this form of yeast derived collagen is a true water-soluble moisturizing glycoprotein that is created by extracting the intra-cellular matrix from live yeast cells, ultimately preserving its high molecular weight and ‘native’ structure. Similar to the sugar and protein complexes found in the dermis, it consists of a moisturizing complex of sugars and proteins responsible for providing turgor and shape inside the cell. 

Pseudocollagen imparts mature skin with firmness, moisture, and structural support, all while maintaining environmentally and ethically safe standards in skin care. We use pseudocollagen in our Antioxidant Refining Toner and our Omega Hydrating Complex

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