Saturday, March 30, 2013

To Exfoliate or Not Exfoliate, that is the question...

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Exfoliation has long been a controversy in the skin care industry due to the simple fact that most "experts" have mistakenly attached a dogma to the techniques, ingredients, and frequencies associated with it. The truth of the matter is that technique, ingredients and frequency are relative to the person's unique skin and skin care needs. When approaching the topic from a holistic standpoint, the only consideration apart from preserving one's moisture barrier is the toxicity level of the ingredients chosen for exfoliation. 

Whether a person wants to use "chemical" techniques as opposed to "mechanical" ones, the only real concern is whether the chosen chemicals are considered safe. Chemical exfoliation can successfully consist of fruit enzymes or other natural forms of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. And mechanical exfoliation can be used with a variety of available ingredients from dried fruits to fine shell powders.
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Special care needs to placed on the tolerance of your skin. As an example, simply because a person has oily, acne prone skin doesn't mean that it is not sensitive to frequent exfoliation (a common suggestion by some dermatologists). The point is to KNOW one's skin and not pass the threshold of damage. Regardless of the details surrounding the controversy, at least light exfoliation is necessary for most individuals in order to maintain healthy skin. And by healthy, we mean CLEAN skin, free from dead skin cells that trap excess oil and dirt. So, get to know your skin! And enjoy the different methods and ingredients available to you.